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Buyers are significantly challenged in their ability to buy a home. Self-employment, bruised credit, and no credit are all issues when it comes to securing a conventional loan. We offer solutions to these challenges.
Through our Tenant Purchase Program we offer lease option or rent to own programs for people and their families. There is no bank qualifying, your job is considered your credit.

Self employment is ok. We clearly understand the challenges of being self-employed. Again, your business is your credit. We offer quick approvals, down payment flexibility, and creative financing. Another highlight of our program is access to our power team members like mortgage brokers, insurance agents, credit repair specialists, CPA’s. So many people out there operate with a poor set of ethics and values. Our power team is an extension of our company. They are part of our team because of their ethics and values. We highly recommend their services in getting you into home ownership. We are passionate about what we have to offer. We would love to spend some time with you to talk more about the options you may not have realized you have.

We do not include a contact sheet on this website as we feel it is too impersonal. We feel that to help you in the way you deserve, we should spend the time to get to know you and truly understand your challenges and what you are looking for. Please contact us and let’s get this adventure to home ownership started.

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