Gowler family

More Than A Dream

"We pride ourselves in our ability to help people get out of tough housing situations."

Who are we? – Tracy Gowler, Owner of MTAD Investments
and Grant Carlson, owner of BCE Investments.
We have been dabbling in real estate in one form or another for years but never really took it up as a business. With the effects of the economy on our family, we decided that we needed to create an opportunity to help ourselves and at the same time, see what we could do to help others that might be going through some of the same challenges.

What are we? - We are a full service Real Estate Investment Company. What does this mean? It means that we are diversified within the real estate investment arena. We feel that through diversification we become better investors and have the ability to offer more to the people we want to help. We have goals to branch out into rental properties, commercial investments and eventually land development.